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The music group Laguna is the creation of songwriter/drummer/programmer Shane Peck and vocalist/lyricist Lydia Nor. The music style combines art-pop, electronica, ambient, reggae/dub, soca and some Jazz elements. The band was officially formed in 1998. The current line-up includes bassist/arranger Noah Wilson, keyboardist Markus von Prause, alto saxophone player/percussionist Brian Hartman and guitarist Nanda Wilson. Other musicians who have contributed and performed live with us include violinist/vocalist Janet Utterback-Peck, keyboardist/producer Lionel Reinert, guitarist Rusty Urie, bassist Keane Peterson, tenor saxophone player Karen Bricken and guitarist Joey Bean.
Laguna has four full length Recordings and two EPs to its credit.
The new Laguna CD is finished and out for release now in 2010. Volcano is self released on their label class M records.

Vocals and Lyrics by: LYDIA NOR

Lydia Nor

Compositions, keyboards, programming, vocals and drums by: SHANE PECK

Shane Peck

Bass Playing by: NOAH WILSON

Noah Wilson

Keyboards, Production and Live Computer Operation by: MARKUS VON PRAUSE

Markus von Prause

Guitar and graphic design by: Sofiariantika P. Wilson (Nanda)


Alto Saxophone and Percussion by: BRIAN HARTMAN

Brian Hartman

Artwork for the website and the album "Volcano" by Sofiariantika Primananda of Mr. & Mrs. Muffins and Clover.. Graphic Design / Web Development / Site Design by Shane Peck..