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Songs from the new cd "Volcano"

Outside Casa CD Album Cover


"Moon Beams"

"I Loved Saturn"

Single, "Close, Right by Me"

Outside Casa CD Album Cover

"Close, Right by Me"

Songs from the cd "Outside Casa"

Outside Casa CD Album Cover

"Around You"



Songs from the cd "Keep it in Mind"

Keep it in Mind CD Album Cover

"Itsu Made Mo"


LAGUNA - "Soca 4". Original Video: Music: "Soca 4" by LAGUNA Creative/Storyboard Direction: by Lydia Nor Camera/Editing: by Hector Cruz All Rights Reserved 2010. Special thanks to Tilted Thunder Rail Birds Roller Derby Team, Westenders SC Scooter Club and the 9lb Hammer.

LAGUNA - "Moon Beams", performed live at the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery 2007.

LAGUNA - "Close, Right by Me". Slideshow for this electronic/hybrid single by Shane Peck.


Laguna performing at the Rendezvous, Jewelbox Theater in Seattle.