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Spring 2015 shows to be announced shortly.


The White Rabbit with The Bayous and Brother James and Soul-Vation.

Skylark Cafe & Club with Summer Aviation and DJ Hectophinc

Laguna at the Can Can with Matthew Frantz

Club Motor with Natalie Wouldn't, MiniRex and Supergirl.

High dive: Friends of Rob Anonymous Benefit Show. 80s Invasion, Kimo Muraki and DJ Diem!

ToST Lounge with Bucket of Honey and Satellite by Night.

ToST Lounge with Sugarsmacks .

The Tiger Lounge (The Westenders Tour di Mari III scooter rally), with Mini-Rex and Bandolier.

The Pink Door

Laguna Performs at the Pink Door

The Pink Door

at ToST (cd release for our new cd recording "Volcano"), with Boomzzilla and DJ Vodka Twist!!

Volcano CD Release

04.08.10 at Tiger Lounge with Series Two Records artists Poland and Cleemann (from Denmark)

02.26.10 at ER Arts (The Mix) with Press on Randy, DJ Vodka Twist and DJ Ace Face.

02.20.10 at The Mandolin Cafe with The Whole Bolivian Army.

01.25.10 at Crown on Main (Sundance Film Festival) Park City, Utah 84060-7302

3rd ANNUAL SYNCHRONIZE CONCERT SERIES: BUILDING A WORLD COMMUNITY DURING SUNDANCE 2010 PARK CITY, UT – January 14, 2010 - At Sundance 2010, humanity will begin to Synchronize. In an effort to rebuild the bridges to our World Community, a partnership of socially-conscious media organizations are coming together to raise awareness for the good of humanity. The Synchronize Concert Series, the unofficial music festival of Sundance 2010, will be hosting a series of music, film and media events at the exclusive Crown on Main, in Park City, Utah. Starting January 21st, Oasis Entertainment in association with the Crown Group, will be hosting 10 days of exclusive events to raise awareness for humanity, featuring celebrity guests, industry panels and musical artists from around the globe. Be part of the media mecca during Synchronize in the VIP Luxury Lounge at Crown on Main. Synchronize Concert Series January 21-31

12.26.09 at Conor Byrne Pub with Lushy .

11.28.09 at The Tiger Lounge with Black Top Demon, DJ Vodka Twist and DJ Aceface.

10.30.09 at The Mix with The Moon Spinners and DJ Vodka Twist

09.11.09 at The Tiger Lounge with Johnny Astro and DJ Vodka Twist. Event for Westenders SC (Scooter Club), "Back to School!".

07.31.09 at The Mars Bar with Deepsleep Narcotics Company and The Celestial Shore. 21+, $6. Doors: 8pm.

06.14.09 at The Mix with Mini Rex and Sanca's Amazing Circus 1ders

04.17.09 at The Mix with Hardison and Imari Tones from Japan!! Show time 9pm, $TBD, 21+

02.25.09 at The Mix with Whitney Lyman and Revel Reins

01.31.09 at ToST with The Deepsleep Narcotics Co. and ADA Loveless (obelus + ndCv + Caitlin Sherman)

10.14.08 at Babalu.

08.27.08 with Poland and The Whole Bolivian Army at the Sunset Tavern.

07.29.08 with Anomie Belle and Poland at the High Dive.

07.15.08 with Hazelwood Motel and The Torn ACLs at Nectar.

07.13.08 with Rebelle Jacobs, Burlesque by Iva Handfull, Beautiful Disaster, La Veena Lotus, Valerie Veils and hosted by Sir Mark the Poet at The Bit Saloon.

06.20.08 with Johnny Astro and Sir Mark the Poet at Mulleady's Pub.

06.17.08 with Miss Solar System and Novatron w/DJ Shapeshifter at Nectar.

05.31.08 with Johnny Astro, Sir Mark the Poet and James Coates at Cafe Venus and the Mars Bar.

04.18.08 with Sir Mark the Poet, KEG and Crowfoots at Mr. Spots.

03.28.08 with Sir Mark the Poet, C-leb & A-bro at The Showbox (Sodo).

03.12.08 with Cock and Swan and Kids on Bikes at the the Sunset.

11.09.07 with Mischka's World, Serena Tideman, and Eric Apoe at the Christoff Gallery

11.04.07 with I-9 at the The Rendezvous, Jewelbox Theatre.

08.31.07 at the Christoff Gallery with Poland.

08.28.07 at the Crocodile with Qua Lwa, Charly and Sir Mark the Poet.

08.07.07 at the High Dive with Miss Solar System and Scientific Lifestyle.

07.21.07 at the Lo_Fi Performance Gallery with I-9 and Ted Wallis.

06.08.07 at the The Rendezvous, Jewelbox Theatre with Poland and Lairmonet. A cd release party for Poland's debut cd "tuesdays & wednesdays".

05.30.07 at Nectar with The Lost Hours.

03.03.07 at the Lo_Fi Performance Gallery with Library Science and Ted Wallis.

01.03.07 at Sunset Tavern with Dreamfox, Natalie Portman's Shaved Head and HUH-UH.

12.16.06 at The Mars Bar and Venus Cafe with Paula Maya and Library Science.

10.06.06 with Paula Maya and special guest Dante Cimadamore at Tommy's .

09.27.06 for Love O Rama with FIRE DOG, In Lake'Ch, and Celia's Big Rock Band at Nectar .

09.09.06 at The Mars Bar with Trick Deck and X-Ray Eyes.

07.08.06 with Kill Kill Orchestra and Tableland at The Skylark Cafe and Club.

06.16.06 with Full at Tost.

05.23.06 Re-Bar with Lairmonét and special guests Sun Peoples from Korea.

05.20.06 The 37th Annual U District Street Fair; Seattle, WA

05.12.06 Lo_Fi Performance Gallery with Lushy, Seattle, WA

03.27.06 Rendezvous, Jewelbox Theatre with The Special Purpose, Upset Victory, presents New Music Monday.

03.12.06 Chop Suey with Lullabelle, Trick Deck and *NA*

01.12.06 Nectar Lounge W/Miss Solar System and BEEHIVE - Fremont/Seattle, WA

11.28.05 Nectar Lounge W/Trevor Ras - Fremont/Seattle, WA
11.18.05 The Manette Saloon - Bremerton, WA
11.04.05 ToST, CD Release Party W/ Miss Solar System and DJ Les - Fremont, WA

09.02.05 Bumbershoot

07.09.05 W/Tableland at The Rendezvous Jewelbox Theatre - Seattle, WA

05.22.05 The University District Street Fair - Seattle, WA
05.14.05 Chop Suey - Seattle, WA
03.11.05 Patty Summers - Seattle, WA
02.26.05 Pogacha - Issaquah , WA
01.14.05 with Tableland at ToST - Fremont, WA

11.20.04 Finn MacCool’s - Seattle, WA
11.19.04 Mannette Saloon - Bremerton, WA
08.01.04 Pogacha - Issaquah, WA
07.09.04 Chop Suey - Seattle, WA
06.26.04 Gay Pride Festival - Seattle, WA
06.05.04 Twisp River Pub - Twisp, WA
05.14.04 Mannette Saloon - Bremerton, WA
05.01.04 Dubliner - Fremont, WA
03.27.04 Pogacha - Issaquah, WA
02.07.04 Rock Bottom - Bellevue, WA
01.24.04 Pogacha - Issaquah, WA
10.17.03 4th Ave Tavern - Olympia, WA
10.10.03 Pogacha - Issaquah, WA
10.02.03 Rainbow Tavern - Seattle, WA
09.13.03 Everett Street Fair - Everett, WA
09.06.03 Common Ground - Boise, ID
09.05.03 Blues Bouquet - Boise, ID
12.20.02 Rendezvous - Seattle, WA
11.22.02 Flying Pig Pub - Everett, WA
11.02.02 Empire Nightclub - Bremerton, WA
10.26.02 Hannah's - Olympia, WA
10.19.02 Hopvine - Seattle, WA
10.18.02 Neener's - Tacoma, WA
09.28.02 Empire Nightclub - Bremerton, WA
09.26.02 Showbox - Seattle, WA
09.12.02 Rabbit Hole - Portland, OR
09.07.02 Steel Sky _ Seattle, WA
08.23.02 Sirens - Port Townsend, WA
08.03.02 KSER Radio - Everett, WA
07.27.02 Hopvine - Seattle, WA
06.29.02 Hopvine - Seattle, WA
06.27.02 Larry's Nightclub - Seattle, WA
06.02.02 I-Spy(Benefit) - Seattle, WA
06.01.02 The Presido - Seattle, WA
05.29.02 Old Timer's Cafe - Seattle, WA
05.29.02 Q-13 Television - Seattle, WA
05.22.02 Cafe Zoe - Seattle, WA
04.20.02 Neener's - Tacoma, WA
04.13.02 Raindancer - Seattle, WA
03.21.02 Raindancer - Seattle, WA
03.02.02 Larry's Nightclub - Seattle, WA
02.23.02 O'Blarney's - Olympia, WA
01.31.02 Larry's Nightclub - Seattle, WA
01.20.02 I-Spy - Seattle, WA
01.19.02 Hannah's - Olympia, WA